A Long-Term Solution
for Unwanted Hair.

At Allora Medical Spa, we understand how frustrating hair removal can be. Plucking, shaving and waxing are not only time-consuming and uncomfortable but can also sometimes leave you with ingrown hairs or irritated skin. Our Gentle Max Pro laser hair removal treatment is an excellent alternative to these at-home remedies. Laser hair removal works by targeting the hair follicle at its source, removing hair and preventing regrowth without damaging your skin. These treatments are an investment in permanently getting rid of unwanted hair. We offer Gentle Max Pro treatments in a variety of sizes.

  • X-Small
    Chin, ears, glabella, areola, toes or upper lip.
  • Small
    Front neck, back neck, underarms or Bikini line.
  • Medium
    Half arms, shoulders, full neck, abs, chest, buttocks, face or Brazilian.
  • Large
    Full arm, half leg or half back .
  • X-Large
    Full front torso, full leg or full back.
  • Full Body

Laser Treatments

For optimal results, we recommend that you receive six to 15 treatments. Laser hair removal results can vary depending on hair type and color, but one of our professionals can suggest a personalized treatment strategy at your consultation.